Farm Update

If anyone saw my Instagram post the other afternoon, you’ll know it didn’t fare so well for many of the rabbits.  Unfortunately, rabbits can be pretty prone to heat stroke.  Especially pregnant, very old, and very young ones.  A very pregnant rabbit died and seven young rabbits died.  It wasn’t pretty.  I managed to get the rest down to a normal temperature and everyone is eating, drinking, and full of energy now but there were a few hours I was sure I was going to lose everyone.

The thing with the rabbits is – I haven’t particularly enjoyed raising them.  The goats, chickens, turkeys, dog, cat – they all get to run around together and taste freedom fairly often.  The rabbits have to stay in cages.  They can’t be together, they can’t be let loose for a bit.  They’ll run away never to be seen again.  The goats, chickens, turkeys, dog, cat – they all seem to at least kind of like me…they come when called, they recognize my voice, come running when they see me.  The rabbits try to claw my throat out on the reg.

So while I’ve enjoyed learning how to raise them for meat and I’ve appreciated what they’ve provided, the last few rabbits get to live out their days here but then the rabbit raising days will be over.

But seriously.  I’m sorry rabbits.  I’m sorry I didn’t realize the hot summer day would kill you.  I knew you’d get hot.  We were all hot.  We were all sucking down water like it was the only thing keeping us alive.  But I’m sorry I didn’t know better.



I feel like this is a valuable lesson though – for myself and others.  For me, it’s just one more lesson that unfortunately had to be learned the hard way in animal husbandry. For others – maybe this helps you raise rabbits properly but maybe it’s also a harsh dose of reality for those of you thinking this is all La La Land Fun and Disney Princess Games.  I get this text/social media message A LOT: “I’m so jealous, I wish I could live on a farm, maybe I will one day.” It’s absolutely fine if you want to, but know this – 99% of what I’m posting, is the good stuff.  The BEST stuff. But there are also days you come home from work and find a pile of dead and dying rabbits.  And guess what?  You’re on your own sister.

Now that I’ve filled everyone with dismal doom gloom and despair, I’m going to finish up this post and let you stare at the computer screen.