I wrote this on Sunday…today is Thursday…so travel back in time with me…

I lost my whole train of thought because I can see New Boy Goat Bohannan and Gwendolyn trying to go at it through a fence in the rain.  Gwen loses her mind when she goes in to heat.  Literally loses it.  Friday afternoon when it started, she was just sprinting as fast as she could back and forth and just clobbering me every time I walked near her.  I really recommend everyone get goats.  There is NEVER a dull moment.  If there is, they’ve escaped and you just didn’t notice.

Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about this thing called Hygge that all 4 of you reading this recently heard me mention.  Ever heard of it?  Probably.  I’m normally 2 years late to the game.  Anyway, if you don’t

Seriously, the goats are going insane.

Ok, if you don’t know what Hygge (“hoo-ga”) is, just know that it’s indescribable but basically means: a Danish word for ‘coziness and comfort with feelings of contentment’.  The more I got in to reading about hygge, I also got really in to ‘fika‘, ‘lykke‘, and ‘lagom‘.  Just go look those up on your own.

Ok, so it’s a rainy, Sunday afternoon and FINALLY starting to feel like fall.  I’m in wool socks, old jeans, flannel, and have pretty much just been consuming tea and caramels all day.  Also, the house is small enough that you can smell all the fall soaps curing in the guest room. That’s pretty hygge.  I’d put flannel sheets on the bed but it IS going to be 80 degrees later in the week and that would be ridiculous.  I also recently finished a book called “Seasons at the Farm” by Shaye Elliott and it just gave me the warm fuzzies about home making and eating well so that, combined with all this fall-ness was very hygge.

Geez.  Gwen is back at the fence.  KEEP YOUR PANTS ON GWEN!  HOW am I supposed to keep everyone’s virtue intact until November?

Why am I telling you all of this?  Oh, because I was reading all about hygge, and fika, and lykke, and they were just such basic, nice principles to live by, I recommend anyone who needs a light read, checking out the books:

The Little Book of Hygge
The Little Book of Lykke
The Little Book of Fika
The Little Book of Lagom

(Note: my fate is in your hands.  If you purchase any of these books through the link I gave, I receive a small commission, at no cost to you – which I (and the goats) would greatly appreciate!)

In summary of this useless post, I think we/Americans are focused more on doing more more more, wanting more more more, buying more more more and maybe we should be more content with having a pastry break in the middle of the day or relishing in the new light bulbs that make your kitchen seem cozy.  Enjoying a cup of tea that doesn’t make you sweat profusely because you love tea regardless of the season but don’t keep the house at 62 degrees all summer.  Little things.  Big things are cool too.  But sometimes all the big things are too much and we need to focus on the little things.