Farm Update

Here is what’s going on:

Friday is my 28th birthday.  AH!  Crazy.  Scott and I are going out for crabs Friday night and then going horseback riding all day Saturday.  Best birthday ever!

The Farm is an actual jungle.  At this point, there’s no point in trying to tame the poison ivy, mosquitoes, gnats, spiders, snakes, the horribly invasive “mint/licorice plant”, and the garden.  Hopefully winter comes hard and fast and just takes care of those things.  Upon further investigation, it seems global warming is ruining everything and winter won’t be coming this year.

The two goats that I’m milking are starting to slow down.  I don’t mind – I’m ready for this phase of the year to be over.  My hands are pretty tired from milking every day and it’d be nice to sleep past 7 every once and a while.  A new buck should be coming to the farm soon and that will keep me on my toes trying to time “goat dates”.


New Boy Goat Coming Soon

The turkeys got butchered Sunday.  Everyone’s first reaction is “wow, that’s so early!” – but you’ve never even butchered a turkey so how would you know?!  But really – it is early.  These guys just grew so big so quick and are pooping everywhere and starting to attack me so they gots to go.

The chickens are doing well – everyone is now laying eggs, which is ridiculous because we’re still only eating about 5 a week.  People who eat a dozen eggs a week freak me out.  I know that’s like….everybody….but you freak me out.

The rabbits are…
I don’t know.  I feel like they’re not doing great.  4 need to be butchered, but it’s no rush so we’re just waiting for a 45 minute window to get it done.  Then I’m just left with a boy and a girl and the girl isn’t doing well?  She just doesn’t seem lively.  Probably the excessive heat/humidity.  It just rains so much then turns in to a sauna.  Hopefully fall will cool her off and perk her up.

Soap Buiz.
Everyone asks how it’s going and it’s just going ok.  I really thought more people would be interested because it was now available online as opposed to having to come all the way to my house but alas.  I must keep my office job.  Also, I have to remind myself it’s been 2 months.  Rome wasn’t built in a day…at least that’s what they tell me.

All Fall/Christmas Time, I will be making Fall and Christmas themed soaps and I’m really hoping that excites everyone as much as it does me.

Roosevelt and Trumann are just as cute as they’ve always been.


Other things I’ve been interested in:

Does anyone know what Hygge is?  If not, look it up.  Anyway, I LOVE it.  I’m obsessed with it.  Basically, the Danish are far superior beings.

We have a trip to Washington planned for the beginning of November to visit my grandparents and I’m so excited. Washington is my favorite place and we haven’t been anywhere in so long!

As soon as September 1 hits, I’m over summer and I’m getting ready for fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas – we’re even working on Christmas card ideas!

There is no way to eloquently end this post.


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