I did some crazy super sleuthing on the interwebs and solved a mystery that I’ve had since last June.

Helen – the little white and black goat has always been way smaller than the rest of the goats.  I knew she was a triplet and I got her as a baby so I just thought “oh, she’ll catch up, triplets are always smaller”.  I had another baby goat at the time that was born 2 weeks after her though, and she was TOWERING over baby Helen.  Well then Helen got really sick so I figured that probably stunted her growth a bit.  She’ll catch up.
It’s been over a year and um….she’s grown a lot but still very small.  So my question kept being: did her getting sick stunt her growth??  Was I lied to about what type of goat she was??
It didn’t really matter too much- she was just…small.
Every once and while though, I would begin to question WHY she was so small.
I got on the ‘”farmer” I bought Helen from’s’ Instagram.  I found the post on the day Helen was born.  Ok, so she really is as old as I think she is.  I found the post that might have showed a picture of her mom.  It had the caption “any day now” and it was a few days before the Baby Helen picture.  French Alpine goat – like I wanted.  Where is a picture of her dad?  Thaaaaaaaaat’s what I need to know.  I’ve gone back a year at this point – luckily she doesn’t post much.  I’m about to give up – WAIT, was that a big, ugly goat beard??  Why yes, yes it is…on a NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK!  3 OF THEM!!! (Which seems like a lot of bucks to have for such a small number of does but whatever)  SO SHE’S HALF NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT!
This means:
1. I can’t breed her with any Alpine buck that I breed the rest of the gals with – the babies would be too big and could cause a lot of issues.
2. I either don’t breed her, borrow a Nigerian Dwarf buck for a month, or get a Nigerian Dwarf buck and hope he and the other (much larger) buck get along.
3. I’ll probably go with borrowing a buck or not breeding her.
4. I’ll be much more wary when buying goats in the future! You can’t trust just anyone!

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