Who Am I?

I’ve had this weird “obsession” with “identifying” myself as a certain “type” of person.

Most of that is in quotation marks because the whole sentence felt so much more extreme than what I was actually thinking.  It probably should have read more like this:

Sometimes, these thoughts pop in to my head: do I actually like any of my clothes? what kind of clothes do I like? do I like any of our furniture? what style of house do I like? what style of decor do I like? what century should I have been born in?  what culture do I most fit in with? what haircut would fit my personality?

Here’s the thing – none of this MATTERS because I can just wear what I want, decorate how I want, I don’t have a choice what century I was born in to, and I have whatever culture I have.  It’s just that I do a lot of daydreaming and out of the blue, things just strike a chord with me and I think “Ohhhhhh THAT’S what I’m like” or “Ohhhhhhh THAT’S how I would describe myself”.

I’m constantly asking Scott how he would describe me if he was forced to write a 5 paragraph essay about me and he’s accurate but I think there are more things that I think about myself that he doesn’t say.  Also about two years ago at work, we were all told to take this personality test and share our results with the group and I 100% disagreed with my results and the entire office agreed with them.  So they literally had no idea who I was.

I guess what this pointless discussion is all about is that I’ve finally decided who I think I am and I’m going to tell you so that you won’t have to play the ‘pretend to write a 5 paragraph essay about Kelsey’ game.  Scott still has to though.

  1. Bucolic Milk Maid
    Just a gentle, tender to animals.
  2. Mid 19th Century Lady Outlaw
    Seriously, GET AWAY FROM MY GOATS AND STOP OPENING THEIR GATES.  Also, most of the time, when shit hits the fan on the farm, Scott isn’t there.  So I’m pretty tough.
  3. Snow White
    The animals follow me around everywhere and while they don’t really help with chores or anything I feel like if I sat down and starting singing one afternoon, they’d all gather round.  They sure do love their Mama.
  4. Peggy Lee’s “I’m A Woman”
    Because I really do do it all.
  5. 1940’s Southern Farm Wife
    Because I like playing hostess and I like their dresses.  Plus I got Arkansas kin folk so I must have some of that running through my DNA.
    image (1)
  6. I also like being outside, I like bad weather, I’m friendly and talkative but actually kind of introverted – I’m basically hung over after going to or hosting a party, I like baked goods, I think I like to cook, I like reading, I like making things, I like traveling (but less since having the farm because it adds some stress), I like baby goats, I like all animals (except toads and frogs), I like fall and spring, I like smoking cigars 5 times a year, I like horses but I’m kind of scared of them, I like snow, I really like this whole “hygge” thing (look it up), I like tea, I like French stuff, I like vintage stuff, I like sleeping outside when there aren’t any bugs around, and I like old houses.  I like other stuff too but you get the idea.IMG_7760 (1)


Now that I’ve wasted some of your time, go do things that you like.

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