Rocco, King Supreme Billy Goat, died on Monday.  After a brutally quick parasite infestation.  He was lethargic and not eating on a Sunday, at the vet on Monday and died just a few hours after that.  I was with him the whole time, he died with his head in my lap, and I buried him under his favorite tree.  The worst part is that I had this unrealistic vision of my current little goat family just being with me until the end of time.  Silly me.
This does leave me in search of a new buck.  (Intact boy goat) (Not castrated) Ugh.  Rocco wasn’t easy to find, another guy won’t be any easier.  I wonder if I’ll even like another one as much.  I have to.  A buck is a pretty important piece of the “Baby Goats in the Spring” puzzle.
Rocco, you are sorely missed.

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