One Year Ago…

One year ago, I put in my last few weeks at The Last Full Time Job.  It was time to finally be a farmer.  Those few weeks and our honeymoon went by and that brings us to:

August 20, 2017.

After buying a new car battery, Scott and I went to go pick up my two newest goats that were currently in milk and I took over another local farmer’s dairy share.  Three days later, I started a new job and working “part time”.  The next day, I turned 27.  It was an overwhelming week.

Soon thereafter, I started making goats milk soaps and had some success selling them around the holidays.  I kept making soap, I kept making some money.  I had a herd of 13 goats at one point and the rabbits had lots of babies (before their untimely demises…).  We added a cat to the mix and we didn’t bother with a garden.  We maintained a social calendar that didn’t cause me insurmountable stress for the first time and have managed to have quite a few “lazy Sundays”.  I’ve started selling soap online, I’ve learned how to make caramel sauce and caramel candy, goats milk ice cream, and am about to embark on a 1700’s version of cheesemaking.  I also think I took my first walk through the farm by myself…I didn’t think the donkey I was meeting at the end of my walk would appreciate Roosevelt’s….enthusiasm for new friends.  We’ve learned how to butcher rabbits and tan their hides.  I’ve done a terrible job at making dinner for the last 4 months but we’ve managed to pay off all student loans.  We haven’t done any traveling other than for friend’s weddings and have floated down the river countless times.  The farm has also been in the positives – financially – since January.  So thank you to anyone who bought soap, cheese, eggs, rabbits, or a goat from me!  Your dollars literally help me achieve my dreams of the last 22 years.


The ‘end of this year’ has found me in a bit of a rut but it’s time to snap out of it and get started on another successful year.  To celebrate, I’ll have a couple of soaps on sale and maybe even a giveaway!  I might even start a fall garden.

Thank you to those who are reading and be sure to follow me here for farm goings on, on Instagram @maidamilking for soap sale updates, and check out the Etsy store here.


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