Farm Update

First, I’ll answer a couple of questions I keep getting asked.

  1. Where are the bees?
    -They died last fall.  I was pretty overwhelmed with my to do lists last year AND beekeeping is a bit of an investment so I did not pursue them again this year.  I will certainly keep bees again in the future.
  2. Why don’t I ask my landlords if I can just buy my current house?
    First of all – this is such a weird question.  I can almost guarantee you’ve never asked anyone else this question who was renting a house.
    – It’s not for sale
    – It’s smack dab in the middle of THEIR 500 acres
    – Not enough land
  3. Why don’t I try and sell my cheese to restaurants?
    -It doesn’t work like that, you can’t just sell things.  It has to be FDA approved and I don’t even hit one requirement on the list.  Not that what I’m doing is unclean or anything, there are just VERY strict rules that I can’t afford to follow right now.
  4. Why don’t I try and get FDA approved?
    -That’s a lot of time and money I’m not willing to put in to a rental farm.
  5. Why don’t I ask my landlords if I can just buy my current house?


Second, I want to ask a few questions.

  1. Does anyone make their own kombucha?  If so, does yours ever get fizzy?  If so, tell me how.
  2. Does anyone know how to destroy all the gnats within a 2 acre radius?
  3. Will everyone please FOLLOW me?  There’s a button on the home screen.


Follow me.  Like the goats do.

Ok, now for farm updates.

The turkeys remain awesome but I have a feeling one is going to turn on me soon.  If you’d been attacked by a bird before, you’d know the feeling.

The 6 chicks from the spring should be laying eggs any day now, which is nice, because I kind of hate them.

Rabbits.  Mom, Dad, 4 ‘teenagers’.


Goats.  Always awesome.  Always.  Except Rocco.  He’s a pain in my ass.  His only mission is to destroy everything.


His beard is magnificent.  His behavior is…less than that.

Trumann killed his first mouse…I guess.  I found him playing with a dead mouse in the guest room the other night.  So…sorry guests…I have no idea how long that dried up mouse was in there.

Roosevelt.  The best dog in all the lands.

Kefir.  That’s the fermenting milk on the counter I have to feed every day.  It’s a complicated, confusing relationship that I will tell you about later once I know what to say.

Lastly, here, is a picture of my one and only harvest from the garden.  It is now a jungle of weeds that I only sometimes regret.  There’s always next year.



Have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Farm Update

  1. Okay so Rocco is amazing. I don’t care that he’s a troublemaker. Look at that face! I make my own kombucha and I heard that the second fermentation (in airtight containers) is what makes it fizzy. I’m still experimenting. Renting is weird, but I can’t imagine not doing it.


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