Kitchen Adventures of a MilkMaid

I know you’ve all been kept up in the wee hours of the night wondering what I do with the 7+ gallons of milk I get weekly. As the old adage goes “Mo milk, mo problems.” I’m here to help you understand a little more about what it’s like being a milk maid through my adventures in the kitchen using said milk.

So I tried a few new things- so as not to waste the liquid gold I work so hard to obtain every morning.


Sunday Morning:
I made Junket Pudding. What’s Junket Pudding? According to my all natural cheesemaking book:

“Junket-essentially partially digested milk- was commonly fed to children and invalids.”

Anything that can be described as partially digested invalid food sounds like something I want to eat. Plus the recipe sounded easy.

*please note- the milk wasn’t partially digested, I add an enzyme that makes it the equivalent of partially digested.

Anyways. It’s like a very simple milk pudding with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and sugar. Easy peasy.

Also disgusting.

As you might have guessed.


Sunday Evening:

I made goats milk icecream to make up for the disgusting junket disaster. Except the ice cream machine has two settings: not frozen enough to work and too frozen to work. So then I just had chocolate goats milk full of sugar and eggs.  Tastes great.  Not really in any kind of conducive consistency to enjoy.  Thought popping it in the freezer would help – sort of like a rock hard fudgesicle.

Monday Afternoon:

Tired of failing miserably, I made goats milk caramel candies.  They are like little bites of heaven.  Heaven that’s filled with baby goats and rainbows.

But it cooked the thermometer and after being in the fridge for a couple of hours are now too hard to even get out of the pan.  I guess I can just lick the top until it all eventually dissolves.

Follow along as I spend the rest of the week trying to make: goats milk butter, chevre cheesecake, yogurt, and other types of cheese (other than chevre).

You know what I AM good at making?  Soap.  Get you some.

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