Why Goats Milk Soap?

Why goats milk soap?

Because you suburban people are obsessed with goats right now and we farmers are trying to take advantage.

Just kidding.  About the taking advantage part.

But for real, it’s got “alpha hydroxyl acids” that help remove dead skin cells.  Which makes you look younger.  We’ll just say that’s why I have always looked 15. Goats milk is high in Vitamin A which repairs damaged skin tissue. Milk soaps have fat.  Fat is good.  Fat moisturizes. Also, Vitamins and Minerals from the milk is going directly on to your skin. (And did you know it’s the largest organ??)

Also, it’s natural.  Like… you can pronounce all the ingredients and they are words you know. Go look at the soap in your shower right now and tell me what all those ingredients are.

It also makes nice gifts, ya know?  I’m all about getting and giving gifts that can be used up.  Because everyone has too much stuff already.  Soap serves a purpose and then goes bye bye.

This winter (it has to be winter, that’s when there’s time) I plan on learning how to make lotions, salves, chapsticks, other stuff.  Oh and caramel candies and ice cream and more cheese and and and and and…IMG_5188


Don’t forget to check out the Etsy store!  

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