Clean Slate


A clean slate.

You may be wondering why.  Let me tell you.

Just over 2 years ago, I OFFICIALLY set out to become a farmer.

[Really the 20ish years before that were in preparation but being a child/college/low paying out of college jobs held me back a little.]

The first year was just having a bunch of animals and dancing around and plotting to get more.  After about a year a half, however, it was time to start making a name for myself and “really giving the farm a go”.

Naming the farm was difficult.  You see, we just rent the farm.  So no matter what – this one isn’t forever and the name couldn’t be specific to the place.  After a few Facebook polls and Budlight fueled discussions on porches with friends, my husband – Scott, suggested Serendipity Farm.  At that point, every aspect of the farm had just worked out serendipitously.  While this farm remains to have still worked out in a serendipitous manner, the business side of things has not.  No part about is has been serendipitous, it’s been damn hard work.  Unfortunately people are sensitive and “Damn Hard Work Farm” might not have gone over well, so it was time to pick a new name.  One that could be carried from farm to farm.  This farm will always be Serendipity Farm, who knows what the next farm will be, but Maid a Milking will always be MY name.

Why Maid a Milking?

  1. My whole life revolves around the goats that produce the milk, milking said goats, and doing something with that milk.
  2. It’s like 8 Maids a Milking from the 12 Days of Christmas and I. Love. Christmas.
  3. I’d like to have some dairy cows one day too.


So there you have it.


Now start coughing and gagging at your desk and go home early to play outside.  Happy May.

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